Nathan Kent


Picture of person holding small humanoid robot on their shoulder

This is the home page of Nate Kent. I’m currently a part-time PhD candidate at the University of Rochester and a full-time roboticist at Robust AI. I’ve done every kind of robotics in some form or another, from running controllers on bare metal to writing to training hexapods to walk via reinforcement learning, though I’m currently working on robotics middleware professionally.

Outside of robotics, I’m incredibly interested in computer simulation, computer graphics, trains, and buying more books that I can fit on my bookshelf. On this web page, you’ll find me inserting an additional, meaningless sentence here because I’m not a web developer and can’t figure out how to get the headshot to be positioned correctly without additional text in this paragraph.

You’ll probably find me around in the Rust, PyO3, and NNG Discord servers as well as occasionally on Libera.Chat. I base most of my open source projects on Gitlab but I can also be found on Github. I can be contacted via email at